Vanilla Bean Crunch CBD Chocolate Bar


200mg CBD | 1.7oz bar

The most delicious evolution of our CBD Crunch bar is here to melt away tension and uplift your spirits.

Now enhanced with double the amount of CBD from cannabinoid-rich broad-spectrum hemp extract and a hint of vanilla bean. Popped quinoa delivers a sensational crunch to complement the creamy cacao. Like all of our functional CBD chocolate bars, it’s sweetened with just the right amount of organic coconut sugar.

Made with organic ingredients & THC-free broad-spectrum hemp extract

Ingredients: cacao paste*, cacao butter*, coconut sugar*, cannabinoid-rich broad-spectrum hemp extract, vanilla bean*, sea salt, popped quinoa*, natural vanilla flavor*


One 1.7oz chocolate bar contains 10 squares/segments, each with an equal measured dose of 20mg CBD.

Start with one segment (20mg CBD) for a mild effect.

Enjoy two segments (40mg CBD) in one sitting for a moderate effect.

Three segments (60mg CBD) in one sitting will offer a stronger, more targeted effect.

These delicious chocolate bars are formulated with cannabinoid-rich broad-spectrum hemp extract with non-detectable levels of THC, so you can enjoy all the blissful effects without experiencing any intoxicating effects.

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Vital Leaf CBD chocolate bars offer a stress-melting and uplifting experience. Each chocolate bar contains the feel-good molecule Anandamide, which exerts positive effects on mood, memory, and brain function.

Both CBD and other compounds in cacao help to prolong its blissful effects in the body and mind. With 73% cacao, they’re also a delicious source of magnesium to support your nervous system and bring you back into balance.

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The CBD-rich hemp oil we infuse in all our products is tested by an independent ORELAP & ISO-certified laboratory to ensure that Vital Leaf products are always true to their labeled potency and free from harmful contaminants.

Each product’s lab results, confirming potency and purity, are published on our website and are also accessible via the QR code printed on each product’s packaging.


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