CBD Organics Scorecard

The Center for Food & Safety evaluated 40 companies that sell hemp CBD products to compare product policies and practices in the following three categories: (1) Hemp Farming and Organic Certification; (2) Processing; and (3) Testing/Auditing. They also evaluated the following:

  • How many products are certified organic or made with organic ingredients?

  • Which products use ethanol/alcohol versus CO2 during processing?

  • Which companies test for the presence of pesticides, heavy metals such as lead, and microbiological contaminants?

  • Which companies are clearly and openly conveying information about their production practices to consumers?

The goal of this evaluation and report is to provide consumers with independent information about how CBD products are produced and processed, allowing them to make more informed decisions in the marketplace. It also aims to hold Hemp CBD producers to a higher standard, which includes greater transparency and sustainability.

Vital Leaf is honored to have been selected and evaluated by the Center for Food & Safety and to have received a high score on their Hemp CBD Scorecard for 2019. Third-party evaluations of CBD brands and products are so critical since this industry is minimally regulated by the FDA. Without stronger regulatory oversight, there can easily be issues with production and processing methods and if company claims about its products are actually true or accurate.

Vital Leaf CBD Reviews Best scorecard e1584810911521We were very surprised to find the score of popular Hemp CBD brands, such as CW Hemp, Lord Jones, BlueBird Botanicals, Garden of Life, feals, Prime My Body, and Barlean’s. Nearly half of the companies evaluated received a failing, or near failing, grade: a “D” or “F.” We understand there is a chance that the CFS wasn’t able to gather all the information they needed of these lower-ranked brands to qualify for an A or B score. This is why it’s incredibly important to include as much information as possible on your website regarding your ingredient sourcing methods, extraction process, lab testing methods and published results, production practices, and company values & ethos. 

As a Member of the Hemp Industries Association, Vital Leaf is deeply committed to transparency and continuing to adopt sustainable practices throughout our production and business practices. For 2020, we aim to receive an *A* on the Center for Food & Safety’s Hemp CBD Scorecard. Stay tuned!




CENTER FOR FOOD SAFETY (CFS) is a national non-profit public interest and environmental advocacy organization working to empower people, support farmers, and protect the earth from the harmful impacts of industrial agriculture. We inform and engage our nearly one million members and the general public about food and personal care products so that they can make fully-informed decisions in the marketplace.

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