Mocha Magic Dark Chocolate Mini Bars | WS Case Box of 14 Bars: Brain Power + Collagen Boost


for a bright mind and collagen super boost

MSRP: $3.95/ea

Enhanced with cognitive, longevity supporting mushrooms and a powerful plant-based collagen booster, the Mocha Magic bar protects the brain, promotes greater focus and attention, and nourishes the skin and connective tissues.* Each decadent mochaccino bite awakens your senses with the perfect brew of rich cacao and dark roast coffee.

Following Paul Stamet’s protocol, The Stamets Stack? The Mocha Magic chocolate bar offers the perfect measured dose of lion’s mane mushrooms for synergistic benefits. Each Mocha Magic mini bar contains 280mg of Lion’s Mane.

2g of sugar per serving | 14 individually wrapped mini bars

Brain & Collagen Booster

⚡ Lion’s Mane for Brain Health, Creativity Boost, Brainstorm, Sharp Focus

Chaga & Reishi for Vitality and Immunity

‍♀️ Tremella Mushroom for Radiant, Hydrated Skin

Promote a greater sense of well-being

Stimulate growth of brain cells

100% Vegan & Organic Ingredients

100% fruiting body mushrooms

Ingredients: fair-trade cacao mass*, cacao butter*, coconut sugar*, 100% fruiting body mushroom blend* (lion’s mane, tremella, reishi, chaga), tocos powder* (tocopherols vitamin E sourced from brown rice), dark roast coffee*

Best Vegan Chocolate Candy Bar Healthy Better Brain Lions mane focus reishi chage mushroom coffee mocha

enhance mental clarity, focus, and memory*

promote skin elasticity and neuroplasticity*

revitalize and strengthen the mind and body*

boost longevity and collagen production*

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