Cocoa Crunch Mylk Chocolate Mini Bars | WS Case Box of 14 Bars: Mood + Memory Boost


for a positive outlook and greater resiliency

MSRP: $3.95

Enhanced with mood-boosting botanicals, the mini Cocoa Crunch bar sparks joy from your tastebuds to your brainwaves. Clear the path forward with a brighter, more resilient mindset.* A smile-inducing mylk chocolate bar topped with crispy, crunchy popped quinoa and reminiscent of a spoonful of cocoa crispy cereal.

3g of sugar per serving

(New name, same delicious mylk chocolate bar formerly known as Maple Crunch)

Enhanced with Adaptogens Maca & Mucuna

Mood & Attention Booster

‍ Natural Attention-Deficit Support for Studying, Work, School

⚖️ Dopamine-balancer for better concentration and more motivation

Fight cellular damage and boost antioxidants like glutathione

100% Vegan & Organic Ingredients

cacao mass*, cacao butter*, maple sugar*, coconut milk*, tocos powder* (tocopherols vitamin E sourced from brown rice), mucuna pruriens*, maca*, popped quinoa*

Best Vegan Chocolate Candy Bar Healthy Better Maca Milk mood motivation memory

boost dopamine for a balanced mood and greater motivation*

support emotional well-being and nourish the nervous system*

enhance cognition, concentration, and attention*

fight cellular damage and boost antioxidants like glutathione*

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