Cocoa Crunch Mylk Chocolate Bar | WS Case Box of 12 Bars


for a positive outlook and greater resiliency

MSRP: $9.00/ea

Enhanced with mood-boosting botanicals, the Cocoa Crunch bar sparks joy from your tastebuds to your brainwaves. Clear the path forward with a brighter, more resilient mindset.* A smile-inducing mylk chocolate bar with notes of butterscotch and maple, topped with crispy, crunchy popped quinoa.

3g of sugar per serving

(New name, same delicious mylk chocolate bar formerly known as Maple Crunch)

Ingredients: fair-trade cacao mass*, cacao butter*, maple sugar*, coconut milk*, tocos powder* (tocopherols vitamin E sourced from brown rice), mucuna pruriens*, maca*, popped quinoa*

boost dopamine for a balanced mood and greater motivation*

support emotional well-being and nourish the nervous system*

enhance cognition, concentration, and attention*

fight cellular damage and boost antioxidants like glutathione*

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