How much CBD Chocolate dosage is right for me?

Here’s a snapshot of how much Vital Leaf CBD Chocolate to eat, whether you’re seeking daily maintenance, addressing a more chronic issue, or need a more targeted effect. For further guidance, visit the Vital Leaf CBD Dosing Guide for suggested CBD Chocolate dosage ranges that are based on body weight, intended level of effect, and delivery method.

Best Vegan CBD Chocolate Bar Adaptogen Stress Mood Hemp Ashwagandha Maca Functional


One segment of Vital Leaf CBD chocolate contains 20mg of CBD. This dose is a great starting point for new users or those who like to take a daily maintenance dose for a balanced endocannabinoid system and overall wellness. 

Best Vegan CBD Chocolate Bar Adaptogen Stress Mood Hemp Ashwagandha Maca Functional


Two segments in one sitting will provide a dose of 40mg CBD. This amount of CBD is best suited for addressing chronic issues or a specific acute or situational issue. This is also a great range if you want to enhance your daily maintenance dose. Vital Leaf CBD Chocolate is sweetened with organic coconut sugar, a low-glycemic natural sweetener, so two bites will easily serve as a healthy, stress-melting treat.

Best Tasting Vegan CBD Chocolate Bar Adaptogen Stress Mood Hemp Ashwagandha Maca Functional


Eating three segments of Vital Leaf CBD chocolate bar, equivalent to one full Vital Leaf Mini Chocolate Bar, will deliver a stronger dose of 60mg CBD. This is an appropriate range for addressing issues and ailments that interfere with your daily life. Vital Leaf CBD chocolate bars are formulated with broad-spectrum hemp extract (0% THC) to ensure you don’t experience any intoxicating effects, even at stronger doses. Some have found their CBD dosing *sweet spot* is between a 40-60mg/dose, while others opt for a lighter 20mg dose with the option to top up on another 20mg dose 3-4 hours later. 

Why CBD + Chocolate is a match made in absolute bliss

Rated Best CBD Chocolate Bar Vital Leaf

Dark chocolate, the most anandamide-rich plant food in the world, infused with cannabinoid-rich hemp extract is a delicious and effective way to get your dose of CBD.

Anandamide, known as the “bliss molecule”, is a neurotransmitter that’s naturally produced in the brain. This neurotransmitter is normally rapidly broken down by an enzyme in the body called Fatty Acid Amide Hydrolase (FAAH), but CBD inhibits this enzyme’s activity, prolonging the blissful effects of anandamide in your system. Dark chocolate and Hemp CBD is undeniably a perfect union for the body and mind.

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