Giving Back & Supporting Our Communities

Vital Leaf is an active member of the Hemp Industries Association and part of Oregon’s hemp revolution. When it comes to our products, we work only with licensed hemp growers who share our commitment to sustainable farming.


Our sun-grown botanicals don’t need any harmful pesticides to thrive! Organic products contribute to your health and wellness. By sourcing hemp plants that get only sun, soil, and mindful care to grow, farmers can ensure protection of the environment from devastating impacts of synthetic pesticide and herbicide application. 

Fair Trade

We aim to spread vitality and wellness throughout our entire supply chain, and that includes working with farmers who uphold ethical and social values, alongside environmental ones. Fair trade relationships help to secure the rights of marginalized producers and workers in developing countries, guarantee sustainable and equitable pricing for their goods, and improve social and environmental standards, ensuring their wellbeing along with ours.


Poor farming practices can leave the land ravaged and nutrient-depleted. Our commitment to regenerative farming ensures the land is treated with integrity, paving the way for a future of healthy people on a thriving planet.

Sponsorship & Donation Requests

We sponsor and provide charitable funds and product donations to groups and organizations that support sustainability, education, permaculture, and work towards creating a secure, equitable, and regenerative future for all living beings. If you would like to submit a sponsorship or donation request on behalf of your organization, please fill out this form or email us directly at:

Learn more about some of the organizations that we support here:

Village Building Convergence

Lost Valley Educational Center

ReWild Portland

Rogue Herbalism 

Symbiosis PDX

Provender Alliance

Dine Navajo Covid Relief Fund

Donate Beauty

Black Feast

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