Affiliate Sales Program:
Partner with us and Grow Your Business

Become a Vital Leaf Affiliate

Qualified individuals and businesses are invited to apply to join the Vital Leaf Affiliate Program hosted via ShareaSale.

How It Works

We hand-select influential and educational content creators, writers, healthcare professionals, reviewers, and wellness product experts who wish to promote our CBD products on their websites, publications, or social media platforms using hyperlinked  imagery and text.

When one of your followers/readers reaches our site via your referral and proceeds to make a purchase on our site, you receive a 20% commission. You do what you do best – write, promote, engage, educate, inspire. 

Who It’s For

  • You have a wellness practice or specialty foods website and like to refer and recommend wellness or health-related products.
  • You’re a digital publication that shares wellness, health, clean eating, recipes, fitness, and functional foods-related content in the form of educational articles, gift guides, and product reviews.
  • You’re a freelance writer who publishes product reviews, gift guides, top product articles, and wellness educational content on digital publication sites or your own website.
  • You have a network of followers, readers, fans, clients, or patients that are actively engaged with your recommendations and trust your insight.
  • You would like to engage in the CBD industry without having to manage product sales and distribution.
  • You have a Hemp CBD educational or product reviews website.
  • You have a knack for product promotion, especially health and wellness-related products.

Promotional Materials and Links

You’ll have an easy-to-use admin panel hosted on Shareasale, a trusted affiliate network. Please note: You will need to sign up to be an Affiliate on before you can apply to Vital Leaf’s Affiliate Program on the platform. 

We provide an array of graphics that should suit most websites, social media platforms, and publications, but if you have a specific request, please reach out to us. Only graphics provided by Vital Leaf are approved for promotional use. If you’d like to provide your own photography, please contact us at for approval. You can also visit our instagram page for guidance on our preferred brand aesthetic and personality.

Terms and Conditions

If you work with us as an Affiliate, you’ll need to  agree to a full Terms and Conditions, but here’s just a few to get started:

You are not an employee or Vital Leaf Inc. and will not represent yourself as an employee of Vital Leaf Inc.

We create specific graphics in alignment with our branding. You may only use our pre-approved graphics and coupons as provided in your Affiliate Account area. Use of unauthorized graphics will forfeit your Affiliate Account.

You may not offer discounts or promotions beyond those available to you in our Affiliate Area.

We reserve the right to terminate your Affiliate account at any time.


Will I get approved?

We use strict criteria for choosing our affiliates. If you’re an established business, professional content creator, trusted healthcare or wellness provider, or writer for a trusted publication, you’ll make a great candidate.

How much money can I make?

It depends on the size and loyalty of your followers and your own marketing abilities. You’ll make a 20% commission on every sale – the more people who click to our site, the more that will buy and the more that you’ll make. It can be very lucrative.

How will I get paid?

All earnings and payments are tracked via the Shareasale platform. Once logged into your Shareasale account, approved affiliates will be able to set up their deposit terms.

How to Apply

Please click the SIGN UP button below and fill out the application form in detail. We’ll review your application and website to determine if it’s a right fit for our brand and product line. We look forward to partnering with you!