The Importance of CBD Lab Testing

At Vital Leaf, we publish all of our lab results from tests performed on all batches of our chocolate, tincture, balm, and capsule products. Head to our Lab Results page to learn more! 

In this explosive CBD market, we recommend that you are discerning about the CBD products you buy. Make sure the company that’s selling you a CBD product can provide you with current lab results, indicating the actual active potency and if the product is free of contaminants.

↝ Does that 1,000mg CBD product you bought actually contain 1,000mg of active cannabidiol (CBD)? Or were you actually sold a 1,000mg bottle of hemp seed oil, which is extracted from the hemp plant’s seeds and doesn’t contain significant levels of cannabidiol (CBD)? If you’re not sure what the difference is between hemp extract oil and hemp seed oil, check out our article here.

↝ How can you tell if an infused product has the advertised active potency? Request the lab results! If a company sells lab tested CBD, this documentation should be made available to you. If you bought an edible, beverage, topical, capsule/supplement, or tincture, the provided lab results should not be of the hemp extract or CBD isolate (pure crystal CBD, 0% THC) used to infuse the product, it should be of the final product that you purchased.

↝ Why check? Oftentimes, the intended potency levels can be reduced or lost during the manufacturing process for various reasons. There could be an error during product formulation or maybe the extract/CBD isolate used to infuse the product was not tested to confirm potency levels beforehand. Maybe the company wants to make a quick buck?

↝ Indeed there are CBD products out there that have much less CBD than advertised on the packaging. If a company is selling CBD-infused products, it is their responsibility to provide you with the lab results for that product so that you know exactly what you’re getting. At Vital Leaf, we use Columbia Laboratories as our CBD Testing Lab.

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